Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Luck o' the Irish!

Luckily we now have pictures on our blog!

As many of you know we have added another puppy to our clan and she is great and full of energy! She is a Great Dane Mastiff mix and can already put her paws and nose over the counter. Ah, I think we forget how big things will get.

Coach is doing well and I think they are finally getting used to eachother. Coach is no longer ripping her apart for coming near us and she has gained the sense to stop biting his tummy and unmentionables.

The other day I came in from folding laundry to make dinner and I found this. Mind you this is one of the first times that they were not forced to be in the same room.

We are excited that she seems to be getting the hang of going to the bathroom outside. Finally! she is also good at whining, Terence seems to think that Coach has his same temperment and Cypres and I tend to meld together. To that I say I am potty trained so it has no validity.
Hopefully they will keep getting along and not causing too many problems.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Monotonous Month of March

March has arrived and with it many many tasks for our family from homework to home improvement. We recently added a new friend to the family, She is a Great Dane and we decided to name her Cypres. She is EXTREMELY active and into everything from socks to dishwashers. Even though we love her it was touch and go as to how long she would live if she didn't start going to the bathroom outside instead of everywhere I walk. But we are excited to say that she might possibly be sleeping through the night now, we are hoping its not just a fluke.
She has been keeping Coach in shape though they are constantly battling it out and pinning each other.
Along with new puppy training we quickly recognized that two puppies in the house means double the cleaning we have to do. Therefore, we decided a fence was in order! Unfortunately, it has been raining on our parade so the fence is still in the work but I am getting to the point were I will work in the snow and sleet to get that barrier up!
While we have been waiting for different projects to come together we spent our time watching the third season of 24 every spare moment we had. Lets just say it was intense and apparently rules do not apply to Jack Bauer that apply to the rest of the civilized world. We have decided that we can't watch season 4 until we have a break from school all because of two nights of going to be at 4 am.
Hopefully I will get some visuals up here soon but we all know I have been promising that feat for a year so don't hold your breath just yet.