Friday, June 18, 2010

Its been a long time...

It's been a blogging hiatus at the Brown home mostly because we have had no time to spend talking about ourselves on the computer. But now that we are officially done with school until September, we can be as vapid and shallow as we were previously.
Terence and I have been having a great time since the last post we officially celebrated our first anniversary on April 3 and had a great weekend getaway at the Zermatt in Midway. We had some great adventures trying to find a Walmart that won't actually exist until 2011 and ate some of the most amazing food at a little place called the Snake Creek Grill. Lets just say it is worth the week that I had to work to pay it off.
The dogs have been getting bigger and smarter. Escaping from every form of confinement that we try and enforce is sort of their hobby now. They never seem to amaze me in fact they remind me of the T-Rex, on the Will Ferrell version of Land of the Lost, who has the brain the size of a walnut but the walnut is actually as big as a slug bug. They constantly outsmart me, who knew.
In more recent news my sister Mandi and her husband Don welcomed a new little boy named Luke into their family. He is cute and pink just as babies should be. We have been able to spend some time with their family and they are having a lot of fun with two kids now! I will do a picture post soon that will give you guys a little more insight into whats been up. Also, my Dad returned from Iraq and was able to come home and chill for a couple of days. Terence and Don have been gnawing at the bit to golf with him and they have taken advantage of the local courses.
Speaking of golf, Terence was asked to play in a tournament with Coach Mendenhall and a few other players to represent BYU. They played against the U and had a great time! They didn't win but they played well and learned a lot.
This weekend we were invited by Rhen and Kori to go to the Hale's Ranch in Idaho. We have been up there once before when it was chilly and snowy and so much fun. We like doing things together and getting away to ride four wheelers and fish was automatically the best plan that they contrived.

Goodness, there is so much that I have left out. But I may have to write it all down in a chart and make another post.