Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Exciting Events Transpire.

Our lives have been hectic and we have been running around like crazy people. Finally, we have time to stop and share a little of our lives with you. Recently, the Cougars were invited to the Las Vegas bowl in Nevada to play Oregon State. Terence played well and we had a great time with our friends on the team. Vegas had perfect weather until we had to sit outside for more than three hours and cheer our guts out. I ended up with a cold and some great clothes. Terence on the other hand has a great bike that will appear as a late Christmas gift in two to three weeks.
As far as Christmas goes this was our first official Christmas as the Terence and Sara Brown family! We were able to spend time with each side of our extended family while eating great food and having great conversations.
My husband also realized this season how I am a horrible, awful, no good, game looser. We have tried to play games before and he did get a small glimpse at how truly ghastly I will act if I am not winning but alas the game "Munchkins" put it over the edge. I lost and well I was a bit of a stinker the rest of the night. Of course, I apologized over and over again only to be met with the words, "Wanna play another game with me?" Ah... wonderful.
We received many amazing gifts this year for Christmas, some of our favorite were gifts to help us around our new home. Terence received a gift card from Home Depot with which he bought a tool set and Drill. He also received some yard tools that he has been hinting for mercilessly. Then there is me. I received two amazing gifts that I had been hoping I would get. Hold your breath because you will not believe it a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer and Williams and Sonoma Peppermint Dish Soap. The Kitchenaid came from my mother and the dish soap came from my Mother-In-Law. Now I know how my mother guessed what I wanted because well I am sure I fit it into every conversation we have had since Terence and I were married 8 months ago. But... How did my Mother-In-Law know that I have a secret love for everything peppermint except the candy??? I don't think my husband even knows that. Now I love to wash dishes while I have bread baking in the oven!
Needless to say we have been blessed this Christmas season by being in the presence of family and friends and hope that the coming year will be as fun and eventful as the last!

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