Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It's Been Awhile

My Oh My....

It's been a while folks. Crazy to think that the last post we had was about heading to South Carolina. That seems like a distant memory now. But for a quick update and to start the new year off right I'll bullet point as much as possible.

  • We had an amazing time in South Carolina and we have decided to make it there every couple of years. (more now since we have some family living down that way) 
  • We have both graduated from Brigham Young University. Terence with a BS in Physical Education and I with a BS in Public Health. 
  • I started working full time and bounced around at a few different companies but found a good landing at First Colony Mortgage. 
  • Terence was signed by the Miami Dolphins right after the draft and stayed with that organization for a few months before he was released. 
  • Terence then got picked up by a UFL team called the Omaha Nighthawks and remained with them until the league ended in October. 
  • An great career opportunity became available for Terence at Links Consulting and he grabbed it and started at the end of October. ( He's loving it, by the way)
  • Coach and Cypres officially hit over 100 lbs. on the scale and are now officially considered giant dogs and overtake every room they are allowed in. 
  • Terence discovered that he has a passion for golf and is trying to get out on the course as much as possible. 
  • Sara re-designed her blog and is working on some easy tutorials
  • We were able to go to Disneyland (with the Critchett's) and Idaho ( with the Browns)  and spend some family time.
I think that is the jist of this past year + a couple of months. Hopefully we won't be strangers and can try to keep up with the happenings with everyone!