Sunday, December 19, 2010

Brown Christmas Card 2010

Dazzle And Sparkle Holiday Card
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Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's time for Christmas correspondence

This past Saturday we went and took some impromptu pictures for some Christmas cards.
After looking at Shutterfly's Christmas card selection I knew that we had to send some out
even if the picture would be a quick snap shot of our life.
My sister Mandi is a wizard with Iphoto and made T and I look way better than we normally would. After I went to pick a picture for the card I immediately sat for an hour searching through all of the great products that Shutterfly offers; Christmas cards, Christmas photo cards, calendars, mugs (so that you can put your mug on a mug! Ha I have been waiting forever to use that one!) , photo cards, and graduation announcements.
All of their products would make some great Christmas gifts for proud grandparents, I know when our family is a little bigger (with actual children and not puppies, for some reason my mom doesn't find sipping hot cocoa out of a cup with Coach's drooling face very intriguing... I don't know why) we aren't going to forget the cute calendars that we can send out to family members.
Get your Christmas cards out soon because we are excited to hear all about the happenings in your home! Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's fall

Its been busy in our house lately, with football and school really picking up the pace and another series of unfortunate events we have been booked solid. I will try and make this brief and complete because I know you have other things to do.

First- I had surgery. It was a surprise and after being in a lot of pain and in the ER for about eight or nine hours I was not about to fight with Terence about getting something done about my knee problems. It went well, I had a great surgeon who very kindly fixed my knee and gave me two character building scars. Its all better now, no worries, just getting back into the swing of things.
Second- Football had their first game (and a few since) It was filled with fun, sun, and family. We had a blast and it made me remember why I deal with a very busy husband 98.2% of the year. Seeing Terence out on the field doing what he loves is one of the best feelings that I get and makes every mandatory Friday night Craft Night worth it.
Third- Fall is here and I love it. We have been trying to fit in so many fun things because the season is changing we are completely booked. One of our favorite things has been to go up in the canyon and have a picnic and read our books. No interruptions, no phones and no playstation.
Its great. For right now that is the quickest update that I can muster but we have so much going on there is bound to be another post soon!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Get ready becuse...

Let's just say we are so excited in the Brown home! Terence has been gone quite a bit doing what he loves, even though I miss him all of the time its great to see him back in action. It amazes me that so much can change in a few weeks. From having what we thought we no time on our hands to actually having no time on our hands was a big change. The biggest, we used to know what was on television, watch movies, and eat together. Now we see each other occasionally and try to make dates for lunch breaks and weekends. It's worth it though.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Its a Reunion

Over the 24th of July we were invited to the Brown Family Reunion. First let me tell you, when the Browns get a reunion together they don't mess around. Last year was my first reunion ever on either side of the family (most of the family lives in Utah county so a reunion is pointless) . I was overwhelmed and a little shocked at the turnout. Everyone was there ready and willing to play in whatever games, hikes and swimming pool scurries that there were. It was no different this year and yet I was amazed that almost everyone (save a few for various good reasons) came with the exact same attitude down to Kanab to hang out with family.
Its always fun to see relatives that you don't get to see often because of distance. I have begun to realize this the more Brown Reunions I go to. Literally, everyone has fun... especially Kori with Taven but that is a completely different story. We had a blast playing games, watching the parade, making crafts and sending fun things off to missionaries. It was packed with good activities and a great talk from Grandpa Brown to wrap it up.
We were able to carpool with Rhen and Kori to save some money and have a ton more fun. We laughed, argued about what Mckay actually lived on the hill, and derived an amazing plan to start a jerky stand just like J Dawgs (we wouldn't sell it for twelve dollars, like some other people who own a trailer and sell jerky out of it that I know, because that is ridiculous and no one but myself would justify spending that much on dehydrated meat)
We really enjoyed ourselves this year and are grateful that Grandpa and Grandma Brown opened their home to us and gave us a fan. We would also like to thank McKay and Lois for putting on such a smashing production that literally had something to do for everyone.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Eh Happy Birthday he he

This post is all about the guy in the picture above. (Isn't he cute) He is a great husband and never gets enough credit for the things he does. He recently turned 24 ( when I say recently I mean in February, but as long as the post is within six months I think it's okay.) In fact it was his birthday six months ago today. We went out to dinner with some of our best friends and then watched Step Brothers with Rhen and Kori.

Disclaimer- If you hate mushy things including but not limited to;
pudding, mashed potatoes, puppies faces
and people who still think they are newly weds skip this part.

To tell you the truth I can't remember what I got T for his birthday, I hope it was fun for him. I love this guy, I am sure I don't have to tell you that obviously I am married to him but in case you didn't know I do. Even though this post may be a little cheesy everyone deserves a flock of admirers telling them how great they are. I happen to be the president of his flock followed by various members of both extended families and some roadies. So dear from the flock... You are great! I being the president love you with all of my heart and I am so glad I married such a wonderful example and my best friend. You are a wonderful priesthood holder and great husband, brother, son and friend that I really can't express how highly everyone here at the flock thinks of you. Have a great belated birthday dear, I may rub your feet tonight... or maybe just help you put in pavers or maybe I will promise to do your dirty laundry for the rest of your life.... yeah there you go laundry! That means love babe!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Take me out!

Last night we celebrated My brother in law Don's birthday by heading out to an Orem Owlz game.
We had some great seats in General Admission and of course what is a ball game without great food and family. I wasn't able to get a picture of everyone because we were all too busy watching the game but here are a few of my favorites.

This is Luke the newest addition to the Wilson clan. He hates me just a little that is why there is a distressed look on his face. In his own baby way he is begging Mandi to take him back. Eventually, he will want me as an ally but for now, oh well.

This is the other kiddo that claims Don and Mandi as parents. He is cute enough to be a girl most of the time unless his aunt get him an ice cream then a monster emerges from the cuteness and tries to eat the camera.
Hence this photo.

We had a great time at the Ball game and are so grateful that my mom invited us! Happy Birthday Don, We hope its awesome!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Birthday USA

My family loves the 4th of July, to the point that when I was a child I thought my parents liked celebrating the 4th more than Christmas. Now that I am older I am not sure how correct I was as a child but never the less the 4th of July is a family favorite. Whether we are grilling or singing off eye brows while lighting fireworks its always a fun time.

This year the 4th was especially fun because we were able to celebrate it in a 3 day weekend style. Saturday we had a BBQ with Rhen and Kori- it was delicious with elk steak and chicken kebabs. We sat and talked for hours and diagnosed Cypres after some gross mishaps that I won't delve into at this point. Then when the sun began to set we marched our bodies to the truck and took in some free entertainment on a residential hillside in Provo watching the Fireworks Display at Stadium of Fire.

Sunday we hightailed our booties over to the Brown's and had some great funfetti cake and talked about anything and everything. We love that both ouf our parents have fenced in backyards and are willing to put up with our zoo! Of course all of the kids had fun with Coach and Cypres, it never ceases to amaze me how much they love kids and are so gentle with them.

To finish up the Fourth of July Extravaganza that was our weekend we had a great BBQ at Don and Mandi's with their family and my mom. Both of our little families received a grill this year! It was so fun being able to send the guys outside to cook up some great burgers and hot dogs but still play with the kids inside and not get too hot.

Speaking of the grill that we love we have a greater appreciation for Home Depot and the workers there. On Wednesday we had a full day; we worked and took loads of things we werent using to Deseret Industries in hopes that someone else might be able too, hung out in the Er for about a half an hour, and then proceeded to Home Depot to buy the grill that we have had our eye on for a while. Everything was going great after three additional trips into the store for extras we hadn't thought of ( grill covers, spatulas etc.) The checker new us by name and could have identified us in a line up by the time we thought we were done.
We packed up our grill and moved out of the parking lot. While taking a nessessary turn I thought I saw a grill fly out of the back of our truck. In all actuallity I did see a grill fly out of the back of our truck and take a lid dive into the road. Parts were everywhere and surprisingly people were willing to almost run you over if you asked them to stop.
Desperate and heartbroken I ran back into the store while Terence picked up what was left of the grill. I felt silly as I approached the Customer Service Counter-

Me- " I have a quick hypothetical question for you"

Orange apron- " Okay, I can try to answer it for you"

Me- " So lets say my husband and I just bought a grill from you about 10 minutes ago"

Orange apron- "Ok I think I might have seen you guys come in a few times, if of course this weren't a hypothetical situation"

Me- (nervous laugh) " Okay well let's say that when we were turning out of your parking lot the grill magically flew out of the back of our truck."

Orange apron-" Oh really?"

Me- " yes... do you think the year warranty covers stupidity?"

Orange apron- " Let me check"

Orange apron- " Hey orange manager listen to this"

Me- expalining the hypothetical situation again " oops"

Orange Manager- " Bring it back"

Me- " REALLY?! are you sure because I mean it was our fault!"

Orange Manager- " Yep, I wanna see this"

We brought the Grill back and quite a few employees marveled at our attempt at modern art. We loaded up Grill deux and this time strapped it in like we were heading to Beverly Hills and drove very slowly home. Now fully installed grill deux is working great!

We hope y'all had a great Fourth of July this year and celebrated the countries birthday in style!
I will leave you with this picture which is a personal favorite of mine. It depicts my relationship with Coach. He is always somewhere in our vicinity and unless he is angry with you willing to stick his neck out for loves.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Its been a long time...

It's been a blogging hiatus at the Brown home mostly because we have had no time to spend talking about ourselves on the computer. But now that we are officially done with school until September, we can be as vapid and shallow as we were previously.
Terence and I have been having a great time since the last post we officially celebrated our first anniversary on April 3 and had a great weekend getaway at the Zermatt in Midway. We had some great adventures trying to find a Walmart that won't actually exist until 2011 and ate some of the most amazing food at a little place called the Snake Creek Grill. Lets just say it is worth the week that I had to work to pay it off.
The dogs have been getting bigger and smarter. Escaping from every form of confinement that we try and enforce is sort of their hobby now. They never seem to amaze me in fact they remind me of the T-Rex, on the Will Ferrell version of Land of the Lost, who has the brain the size of a walnut but the walnut is actually as big as a slug bug. They constantly outsmart me, who knew.
In more recent news my sister Mandi and her husband Don welcomed a new little boy named Luke into their family. He is cute and pink just as babies should be. We have been able to spend some time with their family and they are having a lot of fun with two kids now! I will do a picture post soon that will give you guys a little more insight into whats been up. Also, my Dad returned from Iraq and was able to come home and chill for a couple of days. Terence and Don have been gnawing at the bit to golf with him and they have taken advantage of the local courses.
Speaking of golf, Terence was asked to play in a tournament with Coach Mendenhall and a few other players to represent BYU. They played against the U and had a great time! They didn't win but they played well and learned a lot.
This weekend we were invited by Rhen and Kori to go to the Hale's Ranch in Idaho. We have been up there once before when it was chilly and snowy and so much fun. We like doing things together and getting away to ride four wheelers and fish was automatically the best plan that they contrived.

Goodness, there is so much that I have left out. But I may have to write it all down in a chart and make another post.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Luck o' the Irish!

Luckily we now have pictures on our blog!

As many of you know we have added another puppy to our clan and she is great and full of energy! She is a Great Dane Mastiff mix and can already put her paws and nose over the counter. Ah, I think we forget how big things will get.

Coach is doing well and I think they are finally getting used to eachother. Coach is no longer ripping her apart for coming near us and she has gained the sense to stop biting his tummy and unmentionables.

The other day I came in from folding laundry to make dinner and I found this. Mind you this is one of the first times that they were not forced to be in the same room.

We are excited that she seems to be getting the hang of going to the bathroom outside. Finally! she is also good at whining, Terence seems to think that Coach has his same temperment and Cypres and I tend to meld together. To that I say I am potty trained so it has no validity.
Hopefully they will keep getting along and not causing too many problems.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Monotonous Month of March

March has arrived and with it many many tasks for our family from homework to home improvement. We recently added a new friend to the family, She is a Great Dane and we decided to name her Cypres. She is EXTREMELY active and into everything from socks to dishwashers. Even though we love her it was touch and go as to how long she would live if she didn't start going to the bathroom outside instead of everywhere I walk. But we are excited to say that she might possibly be sleeping through the night now, we are hoping its not just a fluke.
She has been keeping Coach in shape though they are constantly battling it out and pinning each other.
Along with new puppy training we quickly recognized that two puppies in the house means double the cleaning we have to do. Therefore, we decided a fence was in order! Unfortunately, it has been raining on our parade so the fence is still in the work but I am getting to the point were I will work in the snow and sleet to get that barrier up!
While we have been waiting for different projects to come together we spent our time watching the third season of 24 every spare moment we had. Lets just say it was intense and apparently rules do not apply to Jack Bauer that apply to the rest of the civilized world. We have decided that we can't watch season 4 until we have a break from school all because of two nights of going to be at 4 am.
Hopefully I will get some visuals up here soon but we all know I have been promising that feat for a year so don't hold your breath just yet.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blizzerding, Blundering, Blues.

Utah... Ah what can I say. I have a love hate relationship with this state. One moment I am walking on campus after it has rained and it feels like the beginnings of spring and I think to myself " What could be better than the end of January and the beginning of Spring?" Of course I added a grateful thought that there would be no more snow incidents. The next day I went to play with Coach outside and to my surprise I stepped on wet and cold snow. Imagine my face and my immediate recollection of my statement the day before. Arrrg! I have once again jinxed myself into a snowy walk at school. But enough about my relationship with the weather and more about our family.
School is in full swing here with upcoming assignments and trying to get ready for tests we have been extremely busy. We have to remind ourselves sometimes that we love it and that it's worth it ( okay, okay it's only me that has to do so!) But we love it and love having this time together. We have both been blessed by having the opportunity of taking some internet classes for our majors. This means homework that we do together at home while trying to watch The Office. Surprisingly, this was only attempted once and only by myself. Terence knows better than to try and do anything while watching The Office.
We have also decided to become healthier eaters for the rest of our lives. We will see how that actually pans out but for now it is a bit interesting. Spinach has become my new friend and I tend to put it in everything; pasta, eggs, sandwiches, and even salads. I even contemplated putting it a batch of whole wheat bread I was making. I quickly remembered all of the failed breads that I have made since December and decided against ruining three hours worth of work. It did make me think though about healthy bread recipes, please feel free to share any that you may have. I am always up for fun new things to try.