Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Birthday USA

My family loves the 4th of July, to the point that when I was a child I thought my parents liked celebrating the 4th more than Christmas. Now that I am older I am not sure how correct I was as a child but never the less the 4th of July is a family favorite. Whether we are grilling or singing off eye brows while lighting fireworks its always a fun time.

This year the 4th was especially fun because we were able to celebrate it in a 3 day weekend style. Saturday we had a BBQ with Rhen and Kori- it was delicious with elk steak and chicken kebabs. We sat and talked for hours and diagnosed Cypres after some gross mishaps that I won't delve into at this point. Then when the sun began to set we marched our bodies to the truck and took in some free entertainment on a residential hillside in Provo watching the Fireworks Display at Stadium of Fire.

Sunday we hightailed our booties over to the Brown's and had some great funfetti cake and talked about anything and everything. We love that both ouf our parents have fenced in backyards and are willing to put up with our zoo! Of course all of the kids had fun with Coach and Cypres, it never ceases to amaze me how much they love kids and are so gentle with them.

To finish up the Fourth of July Extravaganza that was our weekend we had a great BBQ at Don and Mandi's with their family and my mom. Both of our little families received a grill this year! It was so fun being able to send the guys outside to cook up some great burgers and hot dogs but still play with the kids inside and not get too hot.

Speaking of the grill that we love we have a greater appreciation for Home Depot and the workers there. On Wednesday we had a full day; we worked and took loads of things we werent using to Deseret Industries in hopes that someone else might be able too, hung out in the Er for about a half an hour, and then proceeded to Home Depot to buy the grill that we have had our eye on for a while. Everything was going great after three additional trips into the store for extras we hadn't thought of ( grill covers, spatulas etc.) The checker new us by name and could have identified us in a line up by the time we thought we were done.
We packed up our grill and moved out of the parking lot. While taking a nessessary turn I thought I saw a grill fly out of the back of our truck. In all actuallity I did see a grill fly out of the back of our truck and take a lid dive into the road. Parts were everywhere and surprisingly people were willing to almost run you over if you asked them to stop.
Desperate and heartbroken I ran back into the store while Terence picked up what was left of the grill. I felt silly as I approached the Customer Service Counter-

Me- " I have a quick hypothetical question for you"

Orange apron- " Okay, I can try to answer it for you"

Me- " So lets say my husband and I just bought a grill from you about 10 minutes ago"

Orange apron- "Ok I think I might have seen you guys come in a few times, if of course this weren't a hypothetical situation"

Me- (nervous laugh) " Okay well let's say that when we were turning out of your parking lot the grill magically flew out of the back of our truck."

Orange apron-" Oh really?"

Me- " yes... do you think the year warranty covers stupidity?"

Orange apron- " Let me check"

Orange apron- " Hey orange manager listen to this"

Me- expalining the hypothetical situation again " oops"

Orange Manager- " Bring it back"

Me- " REALLY?! are you sure because I mean it was our fault!"

Orange Manager- " Yep, I wanna see this"

We brought the Grill back and quite a few employees marveled at our attempt at modern art. We loaded up Grill deux and this time strapped it in like we were heading to Beverly Hills and drove very slowly home. Now fully installed grill deux is working great!

We hope y'all had a great Fourth of July this year and celebrated the countries birthday in style!
I will leave you with this picture which is a personal favorite of mine. It depicts my relationship with Coach. He is always somewhere in our vicinity and unless he is angry with you willing to stick his neck out for loves.


  1. I'm so glad you still got your grill. it just isn't the 4th with out a BBQ!

  2. Sara...we miss you guys!! It sounds like you had a fabulous 4th of July weekend. Can we please get together soon? I cannot WAIT for football season! Hopefully then I will be seeing much much more of you!

  3. I'll give coach snuggles. Any day.