Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Get ready becuse...

Let's just say we are so excited in the Brown home! Terence has been gone quite a bit doing what he loves, even though I miss him all of the time its great to see him back in action. It amazes me that so much can change in a few weeks. From having what we thought we no time on our hands to actually having no time on our hands was a big change. The biggest, we used to know what was on television, watch movies, and eat together. Now we see each other occasionally and try to make dates for lunch breaks and weekends. It's worth it though.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Its a Reunion

Over the 24th of July we were invited to the Brown Family Reunion. First let me tell you, when the Browns get a reunion together they don't mess around. Last year was my first reunion ever on either side of the family (most of the family lives in Utah county so a reunion is pointless) . I was overwhelmed and a little shocked at the turnout. Everyone was there ready and willing to play in whatever games, hikes and swimming pool scurries that there were. It was no different this year and yet I was amazed that almost everyone (save a few for various good reasons) came with the exact same attitude down to Kanab to hang out with family.
Its always fun to see relatives that you don't get to see often because of distance. I have begun to realize this the more Brown Reunions I go to. Literally, everyone has fun... especially Kori with Taven but that is a completely different story. We had a blast playing games, watching the parade, making crafts and sending fun things off to missionaries. It was packed with good activities and a great talk from Grandpa Brown to wrap it up.
We were able to carpool with Rhen and Kori to save some money and have a ton more fun. We laughed, argued about what Mckay actually lived on the hill, and derived an amazing plan to start a jerky stand just like J Dawgs (we wouldn't sell it for twelve dollars, like some other people who own a trailer and sell jerky out of it that I know, because that is ridiculous and no one but myself would justify spending that much on dehydrated meat)
We really enjoyed ourselves this year and are grateful that Grandpa and Grandma Brown opened their home to us and gave us a fan. We would also like to thank McKay and Lois for putting on such a smashing production that literally had something to do for everyone.