Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blizzerding, Blundering, Blues.

Utah... Ah what can I say. I have a love hate relationship with this state. One moment I am walking on campus after it has rained and it feels like the beginnings of spring and I think to myself " What could be better than the end of January and the beginning of Spring?" Of course I added a grateful thought that there would be no more snow incidents. The next day I went to play with Coach outside and to my surprise I stepped on wet and cold snow. Imagine my face and my immediate recollection of my statement the day before. Arrrg! I have once again jinxed myself into a snowy walk at school. But enough about my relationship with the weather and more about our family.
School is in full swing here with upcoming assignments and trying to get ready for tests we have been extremely busy. We have to remind ourselves sometimes that we love it and that it's worth it ( okay, okay it's only me that has to do so!) But we love it and love having this time together. We have both been blessed by having the opportunity of taking some internet classes for our majors. This means homework that we do together at home while trying to watch The Office. Surprisingly, this was only attempted once and only by myself. Terence knows better than to try and do anything while watching The Office.
We have also decided to become healthier eaters for the rest of our lives. We will see how that actually pans out but for now it is a bit interesting. Spinach has become my new friend and I tend to put it in everything; pasta, eggs, sandwiches, and even salads. I even contemplated putting it a batch of whole wheat bread I was making. I quickly remembered all of the failed breads that I have made since December and decided against ruining three hours worth of work. It did make me think though about healthy bread recipes, please feel free to share any that you may have. I am always up for fun new things to try.