Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It's Been Awhile

My Oh My....

It's been a while folks. Crazy to think that the last post we had was about heading to South Carolina. That seems like a distant memory now. But for a quick update and to start the new year off right I'll bullet point as much as possible.

  • We had an amazing time in South Carolina and we have decided to make it there every couple of years. (more now since we have some family living down that way) 
  • We have both graduated from Brigham Young University. Terence with a BS in Physical Education and I with a BS in Public Health. 
  • I started working full time and bounced around at a few different companies but found a good landing at First Colony Mortgage. 
  • Terence was signed by the Miami Dolphins right after the draft and stayed with that organization for a few months before he was released. 
  • Terence then got picked up by a UFL team called the Omaha Nighthawks and remained with them until the league ended in October. 
  • An great career opportunity became available for Terence at Links Consulting and he grabbed it and started at the end of October. ( He's loving it, by the way)
  • Coach and Cypres officially hit over 100 lbs. on the scale and are now officially considered giant dogs and overtake every room they are allowed in. 
  • Terence discovered that he has a passion for golf and is trying to get out on the course as much as possible. 
  • Sara re-designed her blog and is working on some easy tutorials
  • We were able to go to Disneyland (with the Critchett's) and Idaho ( with the Browns)  and spend some family time.
I think that is the jist of this past year + a couple of months. Hopefully we won't be strangers and can try to keep up with the happenings with everyone!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Carolina Here We Come!

Hey y'all,
Its been a while and we've missed out on posting about a lot of events. So here is a list from most recent to least!
1. Terence officially finished his Student teaching and just has two classes to finish up before he graduates!
2. I basically graduated from BYU and will officially graduate in August!
3. We celebrated our 2 yr anniversary!
4. We installed central AC and Forced heat into our home, which is such a relief with summer around the corner.
5. We are heading to South Carolina, Its a graduation surprise that my parents put together. Just thinking about the sun, sand and some beach in my hand makes me dizzy!
I am going to try an update as much as possible while we're there so y'all don't miss out on a thing!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

BRRRRrrrrdddd. Or whatever sound drums make!

I just wanted to announce the inauguration of my new blog, Tales from a Desperately Happy Housewife. Its fun, sassy and a whole lot of crafty. I hope to post ideas to make life more simple and enjoyable for everyone, so if you care to peruse use the link above and see what's in store!

A Little Update to Wet Your Appetite!

Hey guys we hope you all had a great holiday season with friends and family. Ours was filled to the brim with fun things to do and people to share it with. I just wanted to update y'all a little on what has been happening with us.
We were able to see both of our families this year and mine was actually all in one place (Dad came home for Christmas) everyone had fun celebrating birthdays and watching some of the bowl games on TV.
Sadly, this year when we chilled at the Brown's we missed spending time with Acacia (she is serving the Lord in Russia) but were able to have a fun day with the rest of the Brown bunch!
Terence got his first gun for Christmas and since has discovered he is a pretty good shot. I on the other hand will maim the wall rather than hit an intruder!
Terence had shoulder surgery on January 4th and the lucky duck got to miss the first week of school because of it. He is doing well and doing everything possible to get ready for his senior season of football which he wouldn't miss for the world!
Everything has been going well we have had a few bumps in the road in the realm of home maintenance, but thank heavens I have a Father-In-Law that knows about plumbing. T's shoulder has kept him pretty low key and when we discovered that we had a plumbing issue we immediately called Robert to come and take a look. Luckily, it was a minor issue and we made out with a brand new faucet installed by Robert of course because T is an invalid and I don't know a hammer from my hiney. The faucet looks good and surprisingly doesn't leak, who would have thunk it! Now I just have to get my kitchen deep cleaned to match the newness of the faucet because it looks a little out of place with the dirt and grime!
Again we hope everyone was able to remember the reason for the season through all of the travel and stress!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Brown Christmas Card 2010

Dazzle And Sparkle Holiday Card
Turn your photo into this year's holiday party invitations.
View the entire collection of cards.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's time for Christmas correspondence

This past Saturday we went and took some impromptu pictures for some Christmas cards.
After looking at Shutterfly's Christmas card selection I knew that we had to send some out
even if the picture would be a quick snap shot of our life.
My sister Mandi is a wizard with Iphoto and made T and I look way better than we normally would. After I went to pick a picture for the card I immediately sat for an hour searching through all of the great products that Shutterfly offers; Christmas cards, Christmas photo cards, calendars, mugs (so that you can put your mug on a mug! Ha I have been waiting forever to use that one!) , photo cards, and graduation announcements.
All of their products would make some great Christmas gifts for proud grandparents, I know when our family is a little bigger (with actual children and not puppies, for some reason my mom doesn't find sipping hot cocoa out of a cup with Coach's drooling face very intriguing... I don't know why) we aren't going to forget the cute calendars that we can send out to family members.
Get your Christmas cards out soon because we are excited to hear all about the happenings in your home! Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's fall

Its been busy in our house lately, with football and school really picking up the pace and another series of unfortunate events we have been booked solid. I will try and make this brief and complete because I know you have other things to do.

First- I had surgery. It was a surprise and after being in a lot of pain and in the ER for about eight or nine hours I was not about to fight with Terence about getting something done about my knee problems. It went well, I had a great surgeon who very kindly fixed my knee and gave me two character building scars. Its all better now, no worries, just getting back into the swing of things.
Second- Football had their first game (and a few since) It was filled with fun, sun, and family. We had a blast and it made me remember why I deal with a very busy husband 98.2% of the year. Seeing Terence out on the field doing what he loves is one of the best feelings that I get and makes every mandatory Friday night Craft Night worth it.
Third- Fall is here and I love it. We have been trying to fit in so many fun things because the season is changing we are completely booked. One of our favorite things has been to go up in the canyon and have a picnic and read our books. No interruptions, no phones and no playstation.
Its great. For right now that is the quickest update that I can muster but we have so much going on there is bound to be another post soon!