Friday, March 20, 2009

Here is to the first!

I was at work one day just hanging out and one of my co-workers suggested that I start a blog for this new family that we have going. So, here we are. The Browns. Well, not officially it will be in two weeks though. We have done a lot of preparing to get to this day and we are very excited to share eternity with one another. I guess blogs are supposed to keep people updated on things that are happening in our lives, but right now getting married is just about all the excitement we can handle.

We did just get our marriage license today from the clerk's office and so now all of the logistical things are completed. Save the fact that I still need to get our apartment ready. Heaven only knows that I will be the wife just like on the Incredibles. Where I will call my husband to tell him that we are "officially" moved in. Because I just unpacked the last box only to hear on the other end of the line,"Sweetheart, we moved in three years ago."


  1. Yay for Sara, I'm so glad you put something on your blog finally. Maybe next time we can see cool stuff from your wedding!! Woo Hoo. Now comment on my blog! JK

  2. Where's the "more to come" come on guys, I know you aren't that busy!