Thursday, July 30, 2009

Four month anniversary

So, this blog has been severely neglected. Definitely that is my bad but so much has happened recently that I just haven't had time but now that things are seemingly calm so we are here to share.

Recently we move quite a few times actually. First to our apartment in Orem and then to my mothers home to wait for our new duplex to open up. It has been exciting with a lot of heavy lifting. But with a little help from family and T's friends we were able to get most of it moved in a few days.

Now to our other big news! That's right we got a puppy. His name is Coach and he is a purebred American Bulldog and a lot of fun. He is chill most of the time and follows us around the house like well a little lost puppy (I guess that expression makes sense) He has a habit of testing my patience with potty training etc. But he is a great friend to have.

Pictures will be posted when I find out how to actually post them. I suppose I need to hit up google. We are so excited about all of the new happenings in our life and we are excited to share them with you!

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  1. Hi Sara! we fore sure need to get together, Jake is dying to get Coach and Navy together. Let us know what nights work best for you guys. I can't wait for the football season to start, you'll have so much fun! do they have a wives club set up this year??