Friday, October 16, 2009

Birthdays, Friends and Sushi...

These past few weeks have been so fun for our little family. My Mother-In-Law's birthday was on Sunday the 11th and we were able to spend some much needed time with the Brown clan that night celebrating a wonderful lady and all of her accomplishments. If I haven't told you before Kori and I are very lucky to have the In-Laws that we do. Caring and Loving are just a few words to describe them! We had a great Saladmaster meal and three cakes! We love to hang out with our families and have so much fun when our schedules allow it.
This week we have also been able to take care of another dog. My mom went to Washington D.C. on a really fun get away! She couldn't take her dog Bella so we decided to sit for her and give Coach a friend for a while. They have had so much fun running around and playing that every night they are pooped. T and I have been loving the extra time!
Last night we went out with some of T's friends from Football to a Sushi house. That is right I said sushi! Some people may think that Terence and I are not very refined but we eat raw fish, so they must be wrong. I tried quite a few different rolls but ended up regressing to a sauteed beef dish instead. Terence of course had the all you can eat sushi and loved it! Thanks to our friends that came with us and made the night so fun!

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  1. Hey Sara this is Natalie, terence's aunt. Grandma Brown wants some wedding pictures. Do you have a site where we can order some from? the resolution of the pics T has on facebook are to low so an 8x10 is not possible.
    let me know or 801-661-3999