Friday, October 9, 2009

Park City

I am trying to be better about updating this blog since I have been harassed my numerous people. So here it goes, usually on Thursday nights we try to get together with the O-Line and their wives if they have them for dinner. This week Braden and his family put on the best BBQ up at their condo in Park City! The food was great and so was hitting up the hot tub afterwords! It was a beautiful drive up there, every once in a while it is nice to get away from Provo for a mini vacation. It was fun to remember that a little over six months ago we were up there on our honeymoon having fun. It seems like Park City never really gets warm because it was freezing up there just like in April! It was a fun experience and we are so grateful to the Hansen's for putting on such a great party!

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  1. Glad we found your blog, We enjoyed seeing T on Saturday!